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Open Source Innovation

The global robotics community is poised to deliver the next generation of robotic surgery. However, advancements have been inhibited by the lack of a central, robust platform to unite research efforts. Existing proprietary platforms with closed architectures needlessly hamper innovation, and researchers in a range of disciplines require an open-source, realistic high fidelity robotic manipulator as a proving ground for their advances.

We invite you to the RAVENTM Community. Already placed at eleven key robotics research centers, the RAVEN is a third generation surgical robotics testbed that provides the nucleus of an open innovation community. This community is united in the application and support of a common platform, and each member has the power to pursue and develop their own intellectual property. Improvements made by the community to the core robotic manipulator will be made available to the entire group. Individual members then have the opportunity to pursue their own proprietary advances in procedures, attached instruments, supervisory software, and human/machine interfaces.

Applied Dexterity is here to accelerate and facilitate your work.