The RAVENTM community is what makes the RAVEN a powerful tool for innovation in the field of surgical robotics.

The RAVEN team’s goal is to advance the field of robot-assisted surgery by creating a research surgical robot that builds collaboration. Researchers can program and modify the RAVEN system but it serves as a standard platform so that they can share their software and improvements. The RAVEN is designed to be an extensible, robust, and programmable research tool to allow researchers in engineering, surgery, and computer science to experiment, innovate, and collaborate in the burgeoning field of robotic assisted surgery.

With an active community of RAVEN developers with more than a year of experience, the RAVEN wiki and forum provide an open and helpful community to share ideas and expertise. Code and advice are shared freely and can often be integrated into a RAVEN with minimal effort. Applied Dexterity looks forward to assisting the community in growing as a means of cultivating innovation for the global good.

Feel free to check out what’s going on with the RAVEN developers at the University of Washington RAVEN II development blog.